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Did you hear the one about the woman who had a gastric band but says she can't lose any weight because all she can get down is melted chocolate? It's not a joke - it's real.
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Avera Medical Minute AHH: Balanced Weight Loss Program - KSFY

KSFYAvera Medical Minute AHH: Balanced Weight Loss ProgramKSFYThe idea is similar to the TV show Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition with Chris Powell. Just like the show, over the course of the year, dietitians will work with clients like Stacy and truly personalize their care. For a $200 flat fee, you'll get ...

How I Cheated on My Diet to My 100-Pound Weight Loss - Huffington Post

How I Cheated on My Diet to My 100-Pound Weight LossHuffington PostSo how did I end up losing 100 pounds if I failed? Well, I decided to strap on my boots and give this a real shot. I started researching diets and foods to avoid while trying to lose weight. I took the 21-day book and really sat down and read it. I ...and more »

Skipping meals can prevent weight loss - KTRK-TV

KTRK-TVSkipping meals can prevent weight lossKTRK-TVMore is less when it comes to winning the battle of the bulge. Health experts say the biggest mistake people make when trying to lose weight is not eating enough. Skipping meals can lead to bad habits, such as binge eating. Experts say shedding pounds ...Top 5 diet mistakesWCVB Bostonall 5 news articles »

Jeb Bush reveals weight-loss secret - The Hill

The HillJeb Bush reveals weight-loss secretThe HillTrump: Harvard students '... Trump fell victim to an elaborate prank by a group of Harvard students. Juan Williams: GOP's anger turns in upon itself · Juan Williams: GOP's anger turns... OPINION | Republicans who feed the resentments of the base ...and more »

Cornell researchers use personalized algorithm in weight loss app - MobiHealthNews

MobiHealthNewsCornell researchers use personalized algorithm in weight loss appMobiHealthNewsMyBehavior A new app, developed at the interaction design lab at Cornell University, has a novel approach to helping users lose weight: an algorithm that latches onto the healthy behaviors users are already doing and then gradually encourages them to ...

Relapsing After Weight Loss Doesn't Increase Cancer Risk, But Yo-Yo Dieting ... - Medical Daily

Medical DailyRelapsing After Weight Loss Doesn't Increase Cancer Risk, But Yo-Yo Dieting ...Medical DailyAcross the country, millions of Americans try to lose weight only to regain what they've lost later on. At least one benefit to this cyclical weight loss and weight gain, known as yo-yo dieting, is that people who go through this won't increase their ...Yo-Yo Dieting Risks: Cancer Related To Weight Loss Practice Or Just Myth? New ...Food World News'Keep trying to lose weight': Yo-yo dieting not associated with cancer riskToday.comWeight cycling not associated with overall risk of cancerNews-Medical.netall 30 news articles »

Guest Columnist Lynn Fischer: Weight-Loss Surgeries on Increase - The Ledger

Guest Columnist Lynn Fischer: Weight-Loss Surgeries on IncreaseThe LedgerEach person is different and only their own doctor can best advise them on specifics, but Web-MD, an online medical site, has excellent explanations on the many different types of surgeries to help with extreme weight loss operations. There are three ...and more »

The unexpected factors making weight loss so difficult - Stuff.co.nz

Stuff.co.nzThe unexpected factors making weight loss so difficultStuff.co.nzEating well and exercising will aid weight loss, but there are plenty of unexpected factors that can stop the pounds from dropping off. Even when you're deep in the depths of winter, the promise of summer - and its skimpier clothing - is never far from ...

Weight-Loss Surgery Changes Gut Bacteria - Live Science

Live ScienceWeight-Loss Surgery Changes Gut BacteriaLive ScienceBariatric surgery may lead to long-term changes in people's gut bacteria that contribute to weight loss following the procedure, a new study from Sweden suggests. Researchers analyzed the gut bacteria of 14 women nearly a decade after they underwent ...Extreme weight loss surgery works, but is it thanks to the knife—or the microbes?Science /AAASWeight loss surgery benefits for gut microbiome last at least a decadeMedical Xpressall 7 news articles »

Extreme weight loss surgery works, but is it thanks to the knife—or the microbes? - Science /AAAS

Science /AAASExtreme weight loss surgery works, but is it thanks to the knife—or the microbes?Science /AAASWeight loss isn't the only benefit of so-called bariatric surgery. If a patient has diabetes, for instance, it will usually disappear. The surgery alters metabolism and digestive system functions in several ways, and researchers are still trying to pin ...Weight loss surgery benefits for gut microbiome last at least a decadeEurekAlert (press release)all 5 news articles »

10 herbs and plants to grow at home for detox and weight loss - TheHealthSite

10 herbs and plants to grow at home for detox and weight lossTheHealthSiteKadi Patta: Apart from adding flavour. kadi patta can also help in weight loss. According to Ayurveda, Kadi patta has mild, laxative properties that aid digestion and also help to get rid of toxins from the body. Chewing kadi patta with your food can ...

Dementia Meds May Lead to Harmful Weight Loss - WebMD

UCSF News ServicesDementia Meds May Lead to Harmful Weight LossWebMD"Our study provides evidence in a large, real-world population that cholinesterase inhibitors may contribute to clinically significant weight loss in a substantial proportion of older adults with dementia," study lead author Dr. Meera Sheffrin, a ...Common Medications for Dementia Could Cause Harmful Weight LossUCSF News ServicesThis Common Med Can Result in Unintentional Weight Loss, But Don't Try It for ...eMaxHealthDementia Meds May Lead to Harmful Weight Loss: StudyU.S. News & World ReportNursing Timesall 42 news articles »

Mother And Son Reveal Amazing Weight Loss Transformation After Diet And ... - Huffington Post UK

Huffington Post UKMother And Son Reveal Amazing Weight Loss Transformation After Diet And ...Huffington Post UKBut for one mother and son duo, this wasn't the case. In fact, the pair spurred one another on to the point where their lifestyles changed dramatically - and for the better. Now, Angela McManus, 48 and Bradley McManus, 20, have shed the pounds and ...

Eminem Weight Loss: 81 Pounds Shed When Rapper Got 'OCD' About Diet Plus P90X ... - The Inquisitr

The InquisitrEminem Weight Loss: 81 Pounds Shed When Rapper Got 'OCD' About Diet Plus P90X ...The InquisitrEminem is rocking his weight loss of 81 pounds. Eminem revealed that he became a weight loss winner by swapping his addiction to drugs with a passion for exercising, reported MSN. Now 42, the rapping slimming success overdosed on drugs eight years ...Eminem Discusses 81-Pound Weight Loss After OverdoseHuffington PostEminem Weight Loss: 'Phenomenal' Rapper Reveals How He Slimmed Down After ...International Business TimesEminem's Weight Loss: Rapper Lost 81 Pounds By 'Replacing Addiction with Exercise'Headlines & Global NewsPage Six -Popdustall 115 news articles »

Night snacking woes: Is food timing is key to weight loss? - FoodNavigator.com

FoodNavigator.comNight snacking woes: Is food timing is key to weight loss?FoodNavigator.comThere is a lack of top level evidence to support the notion that eating 'little and often' is beneficial for metabolism and weight loss, say researchers who warn that more robust clinical data that also accounts for meal timing is needed.and more »
the Leveson Inquiry - my stance
Giving evidence to the Leveson inquiry was an ordeal for many of the so-called "victims" and in my case, I needed a lot of persuasion. In the end, it was only because I became convinced that...
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weight gain
well after checking back on my initial post I have gained all but 6 kg of my initial weight loss!! I had trouble with an oesophageal pouch and was advised to have a total de fill, once all symptoms...
its been a while
Hi time flies when you have been banded and having fun . doesnt feel like 8 years that i have had my band . ive never regretted it for a single second my weight is now ten stone 6lb so total weight...
We'll not been here fore ages! 1 stone on. My own fault bad food choices; but weighing 15 stone now for about 18 months, so feel in control. Need to really get cracking again a now use this tool...
Back to the future
And 7 years have flown by since I was last here, I lost 5 stone after the band but it has taken 6 years - I didn't have the same dramatic losses that you use in women's own every week, it has been a...
The facts of life...
Have maintained my weight for over a year now. It is what my dietician calls the 'J shaped curve'. Typical for gastric band patients. So you drop weight and a little goes back on.  This is what I...
Can't believe it's a year since last update
Band continues to do its job very well, some days better than others! I have lost more weight than I ever dreamed. Are now at my ideal weight and just want to maintain. Having gastric band is best...
Hi peeps! The gastric banding op went well, 3 and half months down the line, have lost a total of 40 pounds so far. Still have the problem of being greedy and eating too fast, have recently been...
Wed 25th Sept
Started Garcinia Cambogia on Monday 23rd Sept weight today is 190.8. Carbs on Monday = 140 Carbs on Tuesday =90  Weight today Wednesday is 188.  Down 2.8 since...
my new life
I have done it , reached my goal with weight watchers, it feels great I am now 10st with weight watchers and my band I should be able to stay this weight give or take a 1lb or 2 for life. Fingers...
18 months out.
18 months out and it all seems to have come to a halt anyone else having the same problem xx
Catch up...
Having gained over a stone - which I am putting down in large part to the menopause from hell - I had a fill today.  4.5 mls now.Life is very good and I am so pleased I had the band but I think...
Weight loss update
Just updating weight loss.  Band restiction is good and haven't weighed as little as this ever as an adult
Great to be back!
Hello everyone!  Sorry I’ve been away.  I was in Japan visiting my wife and son for a few weeks.  I’ve been pretty jetlagged but I think I’m over it now.  I hope...
Down down down
I hope I will be going down again this week.  Last week I broke through my next stone barrier; I hope I don't creep up instead of down, down, down!
my new life
Well here i am again after so long,it has taken me 6 years since my op but i am now 10st 8lb 7lb off my goal weight and i can tell you im pretty pleased with my self and am now feeling much healthier...
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