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How to order Anne Diamond's latest book

Winning_the_fat_war3D.gifWinning the Fat War by Anne Diamond publishes January 14th 2009 by Capstone, a Wiley Company,  £12.99  Paperback Original - To order your copy of Winning the Fat War by Anne Diamond for the discount price of £9.49 including p & p please call 0870 755 5005 quoting the reference WIL003.

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“Anne Diamond’s book is an investigation into important social issue. Anne herself is one of those lively, cheerful, warm-hearted people who, despite some well-publicised ups and downs, remains a life –enhancer for all those who know her, and it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to her common-sense treatment of an increasingly serious problem.”
Desmond Morris

This book is for everyone who’s ever tried, and failed, dieting. It’s for everyone who, despite all their other achievements, simply cannot control their own weight. It’s for the one in four women and one in five men in this country who wage a daily battle with their body. It’s about the obesity epidemic, as seen through the eyes of someone who has been through it herself and who now knows all of the real experts – from all over the world. This is her story – but their expertise. This is a ground-breaking and politically captivating book that will challenge even the most subtle of ‘fattist’ prejudice, will change attitudes to fat forever, and which also gives you the inside information on treatments that really work.

Anne Diamond is one of Britain’s best known journalists and TV stars, her highs and lows have been followed by millions – her highly publicised battle with weight has now become a cornerstone of her popular appeal. Being a ‘famous fattie’ has taught Anne an unforgettable lesson, and led her to meet the world’s top specialists fighting fat across the globe. Now she is determined to change society’s attitudes towards fat and how to overcome it.

“Fat is not your fault – but it is your problem, “ she says, “It’s important to understand why obesity is becoming commonplace, so that we can stop it. I’ve met the experts who can.”

Winning the Fat War outlines a far more uncomfortable truth than global warming – a planet-wide epidemic which is affecting even the Third World, where obesity now co-exists with starvation. Anne, whose own health campaigning led to her being awarded the College Medal of the Royal Society of Paediatricians because of her cot death campaigning, says “From all of the obesity experts I have spoken to, from Sydney to Washington DC, from Mumbai to Tokyo, I have learned that obesity is now the biggest threat to mankind – because it could kill most of us before global warming ever hits!”

In Winning The Fat War, Anne describes how she has lost the same four stones four times over and has tried nearly every diet, subjected herself to stupidly punishing exercise regimes,  and been advised by the best and the worst of so-called diet and slimming gurus. Her gastric band surgery – which caused a storm of headlines in March 2006, catapulted her to becoming  a national spokesman on the subject of obesity. She runs a free weight loss website called Buddypower where thousands of slimmers meet online in a self-help community. Now she is the Patron of the National Obesity Forum, and there’s hardly a world expert on the subject of obesity whom she hasn’t met – and asked :

“Is there really an obesity epidemic?”
“Is it my fault or McDonalds?”
“What’s really the best way to lose weight?”

This book is what Anne has found so far, and the story of her journey – from the humiliation of ITV’s Celebrity Fit Club to having botched surgery in Belgium.  She’s been to Australia, which is fast overtaking the USA as the world’s fattest nation. She’s met obesity specialists in the USA, where she’s found Bill Clinton and Arnold Shwarzenegger leading the fight against childhood obesity. She’s met up with Sarah, Duchess of York, to ask if a Royal can really make a difference in the War On Fat. She’s interviewed top obesity clinicians from Brazil, Japan, India, - even met the man who slimmed the King of Tonga! Nearer home, she’s asked legendary author and Manwatcher Desmond Morris why the “Naked Ape” is becoming obese! She introduces readers to the new buzzword in weight loss – CBT, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and discovers how appearances can be deceptive – how some thin people can be fat on the inside, and how some fatties can be healthy inside, too!

Shockingly, Anne has also discovered from experts in Australia that kids who are obese now stand a ‘very high risk’ of being impotent and infertile in adult life.

“That fact alone  should be the basis of a huge national TV campaign,” says Diamond, who calls upon politicians to help in the fight against obesity.

“Obesity can be beaten on a personal and national level,” she says. “We just need to understand the problem so that we can all get ahead of it. That’s why I have met the world’s experts and that’s why I am passing their message on in Winning The Fat War”

Diamond’s book does not assume the role of fat apologist. It pulls no punches, insisting that “Fat is not your fault but it is your problem!”.

To order your copy of Winning the Fat War by Anne Diamond for the discount price of £9.49 including p & p please call 0870 755 5005 quoting the reference WIL003.

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