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British Cheese British Cheese Board
The British Cheese Board has developed this delicious range of lower-fat recipes to suit all lifestyle requirements, reinforcing the fact that consumers have a fantastic choice of lower-fat options when making dishes that include cheese.
These tasty options include the below:
Reduced fat – Contains at least 25% less fat, compared to the 34% found in normal hard cheeses.
Half fat – Contains less than half the fat of regular hard cheese, typically around 15% fat and contains 36% fewer calories.
Low fat - Contains less than 3% fat and will have half the calories.
British Cheese British Cheese Board's profile
The British Cheese Board is the voice of British cheese and is dedicated to educating the public about the nutritional and health benefits of eating cheese as part of a balanced diet.<br />What are the benefits of eating cheese? <br />It is one of nature&rsquo;s most complete foods <br />It contains essential nutrients &ndash; protein, vitamins, calcium and other minerals <br />It is a natural food source <br />It is versatile <br />There are now over 700 varieties of British cheese available &ndash; offering a cheese for every occasion. <br />The British Cheese Board was formed in 1995 and its members account for a significant proportion of British Cheese producers in the UK. Subscriptions are match funded by the Milk Development Council. <br />If you would like further information on anything cheese related then please contact the British Cheese Board at:<br /><a href="mailto:enquiries@britishcheese.com">enquiries@britishcheese.com</a>

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