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Mattessons Turkey Rashers
Mattessons Turkey Rashers combine low fat goodness with the irresistible taste of 100% turkey breast. Containing less than 2% fat and made with a naturally lean meat, Turkey Rashers are a deliciously versatile addition to any meal.
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Mattessons Turkey Rashers are an easy way of eating healthily - letting you give in to temptation and enjoy delicious food without piling on the pounds.&nbsp; <br />At Mattesson's we are passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and we work hard to ensure that you can enjoy our products as part of a balanced healthy eating diet. <br />We only use the very best quality ingredients in our recipes, and our chefs use only ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard wherever possible. We do not use any artificial colours or flavourings as we believe that our food should look and taste like real food.<br />For more recipes visit <a href="http://www.mattessons.co.uk/">www.mattessons.co.uk</a>

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