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Gaby Roslin www.thefreerangebutter.co.uk
Celebrity mum of two Gaby Roslin (avid supporter of healthy living and the great outdoors) has joined forces with Anchor, the Free-range Butter Company to come up with Chocolaty Pat a Cakes, designed to resemble actual cow pats! Gaby’s thoughts on the Make a Moo rewards and her Moo-licious recipes can be seen on www.thefreerangebutter.co.uk/makeamoo
Gaby Roslin www.thefreerangebutter.co.uk's profile
Gaby Roslin is one of Britain&rsquo;s most loved television presenters.&nbsp; From her early days presenting &lsquo;The Big Breakfast&rsquo; Gaby continues to light up our screens with a new TV show out later this year.&nbsp; In addition to the show, she is also currently writing a new book on health, nutrition and fitness that&rsquo;s all about &lsquo;fixing yourself from the inside out!&rsquo;. <br />As an avid supporter of healthy living, Gaby has done lots of research into nutrition and now only eats organic or free-range food.&nbsp; Gaby also loves sport and regularly works out in the gym with her new passion being Pilates. &ldquo;Starting Pilates was my New Year&rsquo;s Resolution and I love it so it is an easy one to stick too!&nbsp; It has completely sorted out my bad back.&rdquo; <br />In addition to a busy career, Gaby is kept on her toes by her two children - Libbi-Jack (6 years) and Amelie (16 months).&nbsp; &ldquo;With two kids and 2 adults to feed everyday, you can&rsquo;t escape the kitchen but I&rsquo;ve learnt to love cooking up delicious meals and different takes on everyday dishes.&nbsp; I always try and get the kids to help me too.&rdquo; <br />As a family, Gaby and the kids always try and get outdoors and walk to school as much as possible. Gaby has got rid of her 4WD as looking after the environment, recycling and being eco-aware is very important to her.&nbsp; &ldquo;We&rsquo;ve just had a Wormery installed which is great as it means we&rsquo;ve reduced our household waste even more.&rdquo;<br />Gaby is also currently on board as the brand ambassador for Anchor, the Free-range Butter Company&rsquo;s new loyalty scheme, Make a Moo!&nbsp; <br />&ldquo;The Make a Moo rewards are fantastic and definitely worth collecting tokens for! Libbi-Jack absolutely adores her cow-print rain mac and kite which we take to the park with us without fail.&nbsp; She also loves copying me baking cakes with her free-range baking kit! And both the girls have enjoyed hours of fun creating bright farm yard scenes with their Anchor felt farms.&rdquo;<br />Gaby&rsquo;s thoughts on the Make a Moo rewards and her Moo-licious recipes can be seen on <a href="http://www.thefreerangebutter.co.uk/makeamoo">www.thefreerangebutter.co.uk/makeamoo</a><br />Anchor, the Free-range Butter Company<br />At Anchor, The Free-range Butter Company, there&rsquo;s no such thing as the great indoors. Instead, Anchor&rsquo;s most important employees - the cows - spend their days outside, enjoying the fresh air, sunshine and green fields all year round. <br />Anchor is the only UK butter brand made with free-range milk from free-range cows, which is what gives it its rich, creamy taste - just as nature intended. <br />To celebrate its free-range credentials and wonderful free to roam cows, Anchor have introduced a new loyalty scheme called Make a Moo. Simply collect &lsquo;O&rsquo; tokens from special packs of Anchor butter, spreadable and cheddar to make a Moooo on a Moo-o-Meter collector card &ndash; the bigger the Moooo, the bigger the reward!<br />The Make a Moo rewards are designed to inspire families to get outdoors for some free range family fun. Visit <a href="http://www.thefreerangebutter.co.uk/makeamoo">www.thefreerangebutter.co.uk/makeamoo</a> to download the collector card and also get a free bonus &lsquo;O&rsquo; &ndash; from there simply buy Anchor products as usual and watch the Mooooo grow!

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