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Amanda Lyne (BSc) - IBS Expert

Amanda has practical experience as a fellow sufferer of IBS (since her teens), and comes to Buddy Power as an expert with personal experience, and scientific based research knowledge into what works and what doesn't work.
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Weightloss surgery expert  

Andy Kemp

Andy Kemp – Bariatric Nurse - RGN.  Andy Kemp is a Registered Nurse with specialist qualifications in weight loss surgery.  He is a Consultant nurse, providing specialist advice to Gateway Health on their intragastric balloon programme.  http://www.gatewayhealth.co.uk/ He provides specialist care, advice and support to patients with intragastric balloons, fluid filled gastric bands and post gastric bypass surgery.
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Anne Cambridge

Anne Cambridge qualified in nursing over 20 years ago. Whilst studying for her Nursing Diploma, Anne became interested in nutrition and diet from that moment in her life. She first became interested in alternative therapies whilst working in a London Hospice, and gained a Diploma in Reflexology and also obtained a level 11 in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
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Anne Thomson

Anne Thomson trained as an Advanced Hypnotherapist with the Academy of Advanced Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. She is a qualified Certified Hypnotherapist and Advanced Hypnotherapist. She is also a qualified Advanced Scientific Clinical Hypnotherapist. Anne is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register and through this organisation she commits to a number of hours of continuing professional development annually.  
Anne specialises in weight issues and is passionate in her belief that diets make you fat. Her approach is completely unique and is gaining recognition nationally by the people she has helped.

See her web sites at www.mindset-hypnotherapy.co.uk. And www.dietsmakeyoufat.co.uk

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Atlanta Wardell-Yerburgh

Atlanta Wardell-Yerburgh is a Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a qualified LighterLife Counsellor and has studied Transactional Analysis with the Berne Institute.  Atlanta  understands at first hand what it is like to be seriously overweight and not feel able to change. The LighterLife programme enabled Atlanta Wardell-Yerburgh to lose a third of her body weight – the equivalent of her whole sister!  See more about LighterLife at www.LighterLife.com

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Fitness expert  

Ben Jones

Ben is currently the senior tutor at Lifetime Health & Fitness training fitness instructors and personal trainers.  He started out in the fitness industry back in 1996 as a part time fitness instructor while studying for his BSc in Physiology.

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Weightloss surgery expert  

Caroline Deakin, BSc SD - National Weight Loss Manager - SurgiCare

Caroline Deakin BSc RD (Batchelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics & Registered Dietitian) qualified as a State Registered Dietitian in 1997 from the University of Surrey. She worked for a number of years in the NHS specialising in Eating Disorders, Cardiology, Diabetes, Intensive Care, Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition as well as Gastroenterology, HIV and Obesity.

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Charlie Walduck

In 2004, 36 year old Charlie weighed over 44 stone, after a friend appealed to ITV's This Morning show for help, Dr Chris Steele agreed to help Charlie.  Together Charlie and Chris worked together on a life changing plan.  After 12 months Charlie had lost an amazing 20 stones and since then has lost a further 10 stone..  

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Colleen Campbell - Bariatric Nutritionist

Colleen Campbell is the Patient Services Manager and Nutritionist for the WLS Group www.wlsgroup.co.uk. Her experience ranges from developing and delivering weight loss/management programmes, through to advising and supporting patients who have had the most complex of weight loss surgery.

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Fitness expert  

Donna Silburn

Donna Silburn is a pilates teacher and personal trainer based in South West London.
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Dr Adam Collins

Dr Adam Collins BSc MSc PhD RNutr is eurodiet™’s resident nutritionist. Through his experience and practice, Dr Adam brings to eurodiet™ a wealth of knowledge of the very latest techniques in review and assessment of individuals undergoing weight loss programmes. This will ensure every patient’s progress is monitored and recorded and ultimately their optimum health and success.
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Dr Chris Steele

Dr. Chris Steele is a G.P. and has been the resident doctor on ITV's This Morning programme for the past 18 yrs.  For many years he wrote for the Manchester Evening News and TV magazine.  He now writes for Woman magazine.
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Weightloss surgery expert  

Dr David Ashton

Dr David Ashton is a recognised authority on all aspects of obesity and its treatment.  He is unique in the UK in that his expertise extends across the entire spectrum of obesity management, from medical and pharmacological to obesity surgery.
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Francine Hodges

Featured on ITV1’s Supersize Surgery Francine lost an incredible 14.5 Stone starting at a dress size 32 Francine is now a size 8! After Losing 14.5 stone following Gastric Banding Surgery Francine has now decided to dedicate her time to helping others on their weight loss journey.
Due to lack of aftercare Fran didn’t work with the tool she had and found out she had a slippage at the end of 2007 and therefore converted to a gastric bypass in December 2007.  Because of her experience in the past 4 years she wanted to ensure patients are well informed about the surgery itself, the aftercare and support network needed to be successful.
She went on, with 4 other passionate individuals, to create a company that truly does deliver what it promises – The Weight Loss Surgery Group specialise in providing aftercare only for patients who have had weight loss surgery . 

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Heather Williams

Heather Williams qualified as a LighterLife Counsellor in 2006.  She is certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Eating Disorders.  Heather has practical experience of working in one of the largest NHS teaching hospitals in East London. Heather had tried all the major diets and had always failed because she had not totally understood her physiology, and the reasons why she had starved and stuffed. 

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Fitness expert  

Ian Doherty

Ian is a freelance Personal Trainer in Fitness First Derry, Northern Ireland. He has over 40 clients currently and 60 to date since starting in 2006!  His 3rd Client was Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewife’s fame and boyfriend of Nadine Coyle (from Derry) Girls Aloud Band Member.  He was in on a three day pass and Ian trained him for 2 sessions. Ian’s clients are all ages and have varying goals including primarily weight loss, weight (lean mass aka muscle) gain, marathon runners, and football players.
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Jenni Trent Hughes

Jenni Trent Hughes is an American life strategist, coach and agony aunt, who specialises in relationships and family issues. She is also a successful TV and radio broadcaster, author and magazine columnist. Although born in America, Hughes now lives and works mainly in the UK. Jenni provides advice for slimmers on how to loose weight and be happy on www.slimfast.co.uk?

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Fitness expert  

Jon Stratford

As an ex-Royal Marines Physical Training Instructor, Jon Stratford is a highly motivating coach and mentor with strong communication and organizational skills developed over 14 years in the Royal Marines from within the Arctic Circle to the Far East.
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Fitness expert  

Jonathan Scott

Recently hitting the headlines for being an obese teenager who managed to shed his excess weight and become a fitness expert to boot, Jonathan has joined the eurodiet™ team to offer support and advice on fitness and exercise through all phases of the weight loss programme. Additionally, his own experiences of having gone through a dramatic weight loss programme where he shed 90lbs, will ensure that he is able to both empathise and motivate others.
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Weightloss surgery expert  

Klaus J. Walgenbach

Priv. Doz. Dr. Klaus J. Walgenbach Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the University Hospital Bonn. Klaus Walgenbach is one of Europe’s leading experts in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery with unparalleled experience in body contouring surgery. This is a relatively new procedure which allows a weight loss surgery patient to get their figure back after massive weight loss.   You may have seen Klaus in ITV1's "Supersize Surgery" or soon on Discovery Channel's “Fat Doctor”.  Klaus says - to me every patient is unique   I am a surgeon but body contouring is not only to enhance my patient’s beauty but also their life and self-esteem  Mr Walgenbach offers and initial complimentary consultation at his his Harley Street clinic in London with all surgical procedures carried out at the University of Bonn Medical Centre.  go to body-contouring.co.uk
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Liz Kotarska FRICS, DABCH, MCAHyp, TFT (dx)

Liz has been working as a hypnotherapist since 2004 practicing from her home in East Bergholt, Suffolk and from premises in nearby Dedham, Essex. Liz works with private clients and also offers courses in self hypnosis.  Liz finds that many clients ask for help with weight issues as well as anxiety, stress, IBS and self esteem problems.  To find our more about Liz and her work visit her site
www.LifeChangesNow.co.uk  which includes a self help section. For IBS there is useful information on her Hypnohealing page.

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Lotte Duncan

Lotte Duncan has been broadcasting on British television for nine years
Lotte is a skilled and highly experienced presenter. She has been known to cook anywhere, present anywhere and is not afraid of a challenge!
Imagine holding an interview while bouncing 50 foot in the air on a bungee!
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Fitness expert  

Mel Andrews

Mel is a Fitness Instructor and has worked in the fitness industry for 11 years. In that time she has worked as a studio instructor, gym instructor, personal trainer and exercise referral instructor in a variety of different establishments from small private clubs to larger corporate gyms and local authority centres.


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Michelle Bowater

Michelle was an obese child, adolescent and adult. In August 2004, after trying everything possible to lose weight and failed, she underwent weight loss surgery and has since gone on to lose over 14 stone. Having lived the 'journey' she worked for weight loss surgery providers in the marketplace and developed a passion for helping patients fully understand the benefits and pitfalls of weight loss surgery.
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Mike Scott

Mike Scott is an accredited Cambridge Diet Counsellor and won the New Cambridge Diet Counsellor Of The Year Award in 2006.
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Nigel Denby

Nigel Denby trained as a dietician at Glasgow Caledonian University, following an established career in the catering industry. He is also a qualified chef and previously owned his own restaurant.
His dietetic career began as a Research Dietician at the Human Nutrition Research Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne. After a period working as a Community Dietician, Nigel left the NHS to join Boots Health and Beauty Experience where he led the delivery and training of Nutrition and Weight Management services.

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Penny Hunking

Penny Hunking RD, ASD, RPHNutr. From fuelling fitness for sports performance to healthy eating and fat loss, Penny Hunking has written, researched and talked to consumers and professionals about virtually every aspect of diet, weight management and exercise. As Managing Director of her own nutrition consultancy, Energise Nutrition Ltd, she works extensively with health, sport, fitness and leisure organisations providing them with innovative solutions to their corporate and national nutrition projects. Her client list is a ‘Who's Who’ of major food producers, International Companies, the Department of Health and Penny has done freelance writing for the Food Standards Agency.

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Rachel Hoyle - IBS Advisor

Rachel Hoyle, BSc, has been responsible for running clinical programmes dedicated to IBS sufferers with renowned IBS specialists.
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Sally Ann Voak

Sally Ann Voak is a leading nutrition journalist who has written 28 books on slimming, exercise and healthy living and has just launched her new novel Thermogenesis to highlight obesity problems in the UK. Imagine Jennifer, Courtney and other Hollywood celebs 6 stone fatter! It could happen if the purely fictional plot of a new novel, Thermogenesis should ever come true. Author Sally Ann Voak believes that we might, just have to get used to seeing pictures of our favourite stars looking a whole lot larger... Thermogenesis is a delicious mix of sex, conspiracy and calories, taking an entertaining look into the not-too-distant future where obesity is rife and the food industry corrupt – it looks set to be the hottest read this year. 

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Sarah Setterfield

Aged 36½ Sarah visited an Image Consultant for a ‘makeover’ and has never looked back! She says “Now…… not conforming to the expected 5’7” fitting into a size 12 dress I was delighted at the difference 3 hours made in learning how to camouflage my flaws and show off my best bits! Within a short space of time I realised the difference liking what I saw in the mirror each day was making to my quality of life. I drove everybody nuts rambling on about how easy it was to make changes to the way people thought of you and ultimately treated you.!
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Weightloss surgery expert  

Sharon Bates

Sharon Bates - Consultant Bariatric Nurse. Sharon trained & worked as a Registered Nurse in Accident & Emergency & Coronary Care, then as a Midwife & also as an NHS Manager. She is a qualified and experienced Rogerian Counsellor. She trained with  Dr Vincent FRERING in Lyon, France and was one of the first nurses to specialise and establish weight loss surgery teams in the UK.  She now works as a Consultant Nurse/Counsellor in Bristol and Cheltenham [NHS and private sector]. Sharon is actively involved in research linked to obesity and has published and presented internationally. She has particular expertise having undergone weight loss surgery in 2000.


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Sue Newnham

Sue Newnham – Web Chat Manager and www.fathappens.com Administrator
Sue is www.fathappens.com‘s invaluable Manager ensuring that all our experts are in the right place at the right time as well as organising our competitions and giveaways.

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Tony Fitzpatrick

Tony is WebMaster of www.fathappens.com and manages the community with Anne Diamond.
If you have any questions that you don't think can be answered by any of our other experts - direct them to Tony and he'll pass them on for you.
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Tracey Fisken

Tracey Fisken is based in Edinburgh and qualified as LighterLife Counsellor in 2005.

She has direct experience of the LighterLife Programme having lost 7 stone herself.
Her experience as a Counsellor has taught her that non-judgemental support and understanding is the most successful combination in managing obesity related issues.
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Vivien Clere Green

Vivien Clere Green is a Natural Health Consultant, Practitioner and Speaker who takes a holistic and integrated approach to health and nutrition. Qualified to practice in a number of different modalities, her training started with Nutrition and Naturopathy (nature cure) and then followed with Iridology, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Rayid, Homotoxicology and Bio-Regulatory Medicine (modern or complex homeopathy, using the latest European research and development).
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Wendy Stubbs - Clinical Director of WLS Group

Wendy is a qualified nurse providing a ‘gold standard’ gastric band service with the Weight Loss Surgery Group. Wendy completed her adjustment training in early 2006 and is always willing to work with patients who are struggling along the way, her standard of care is second to none and she has ‘managed’ over 600 patients in the last 2 years some of whom have now lost 100% of their excess weight.
We have not set any dates for Wendy Stubbs - Clinical Director of WLS Group's next Q&A webchat
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