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Welcome to www.buddypower.net
Welcome to Anne Diamond's weight management community. Join us now and meet your Buddies!!! ...

Tell us the website you find useful and that you think may be of interest to the Buddies. Here are some that have been suggested and this is your opportunity to add your won and add your comments.
KatySoprano says "3Four50.jpgThis is a website run by a UK charity (for which I work), the Oxford Health Alliance. It encourages people from all over the world to share their stories and photos about preventing chronic disease (especially about diet, exercise and stopping smoking), and which also provides video news about chronic disease prevention. I hope the site might be of interest to BuddyPower members!
In case you're wondering, 3FOUR50 stands for 3 risk factors (diet, lack of exercise and smoking) that lead to FOUR chronic diseases (many cancers, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease) that cause - amazingly - well over 50% of deaths in the world. Scary, isn't it! Obesity isn't just a problem in the UK or 'developed' countries, it's an ever-growing problem all over the world."
accessor-eaze~~ accessorising the eazy way ....
Sueperb says "

Lots of Girly accessories put together to complete a special outfit for any occasion... Feel good website ..yummy pics

Bariatric Eating
They say "This is a commercial site run by a weightloss surgery patient. Lots of useful stuff about protein sources that are palatable as well as good. Worth a look."
Big People UK
EmpressJo says "UK based site supporting big people in the UK.  Britains leading size discrimination site."
They say "This site has discounted undies in all sizes and they deliver quickly. I have been impressed."
They say "This site includes underwear especially for larger sizes. It includes basic everyday bras and beautiful ones for weddings etc. The staff are very helpful too."
British Dietetic Association
They say "This official site offers practical dietary advice."
British Obesity Surgery Patients Association
They say "This site supports people having a variety of weight-loss surgery procedures. There are info sheets to print off for GPs and families too. It covers all operations."
Cook Vegetarian! magazine
They say "CVlogo_issue2_RGB150.gifThe monthly magazine packed with delicious meat-free recipes, tips, cookery solutions, shopping pages and more."
Cookery Courses at The Gables School of Cookery
Webmaster Tony says "Recently featured in Channel 4's Country House Rescue programme the Gables School of Cookery offers cookery courses to provide the necessary skills for people from all backgrounds and ages. If you want to pursue a professional catering career or are an enthusiast seeking to cook with confidence and flair for friends and family then our cookery school will be able to help. We offer one day cookery courses, one week courses and four week residential cookery courses. The latter will bring you to a standard of cookery that that you would expect to find in a good restaurant."
Daisy Network Premature Menopause Support Group
Webmaster Tony says "daisynetwork.gifThe Daisy Network Premature Menopause Support Group is a registered charity for women who have experienced a premature menopause.Premature menopause (also called premature ovarian failure and early menopause) is defined as the onset of menopause before the age of 45 and affects one per cent of women."
Dartington Crystal
RHalliday says "

Beautifuly simple crystal and glass for your home or to give as a gift. Buy on line from the UK's leading brand in contemporary design. Always admired and appreciated, Dartington makes the perfect gift for every occasion. For wine drinkers Dartington Wine Master is the discerning choice that will improve your tasting experience.


Drink Water to Lose Weight
Webmaster Tony says "Learn the proper use of water to lose weight and cleanse the body.
Learn why is it critical to weight loss"
Juney says "A self help website designed to support and express feelings about comfort eating, yo-yo dieting and compulsive eating.
The site discusses all aspects of the issues surrounding the problems of over eating and feeling out of control"
Electronic Zone
GadgetGirl says "

Hope its OK to put on my own site but I do sell Carl Lewis fitness equipment which I hope will be of interest to Buddies!  I am always happy to give advice regarding the equipment which starts at around £30 upwards. I am lucky enough to be in walking distance of a lovely friendly ladies only gym which offers a great range of classes so I don't personally need to use gym equipment at home.


Exclusively Ladies
GadgetGirl says "

Excellent ladies only gym group.  Great ambience and sensible attitude to women ie they know that the majority of mothers find it hard to get to the gym in the summer hols so they offer a temporary stop on your membership for a month.

Nutrional advice and personal training also available. 

Exercise programs
They say "Customize a free workout plan and exercise program. Track your workout routine online with the workout tracker and share with others. Join for free today"
Fitness4Health Ltd
Salvador says "Visit one of the UK's first and most comprehensive scheme for exercise referral started in South Cambridgeshire in 1995 by Lynne Potter.

Lynne is a fully qualified, freelance Health and Exercise Specialist with over 11 years of experience in setting up and co-ordinating exercise referral schemes with local doctors. She also has extensive experience of helping overweight adults and children to lose weight sustainably over a period of time through sensible diet and exercise..............
Sueperb says "Gorgeous Exclusive designed Pram Quilt sets and Dolls Pram sets,Cots, Moses Baskets, Cribs and Personalised Embroidered Pillows"
Food Philosophy
scarletpauline says "Please check this website out, it has changed my life, no dieting and no restriction. Sue is so kind and helpful and has researched the diet industry for 15+ years."
Gastric Band
Webmaster Tony says "

Weight-loss-surgery-gatewayhealth.gifGateway health provide the UK’s most successful weight loss surgery aftercare programme. Contributor to Fat Happens Andy Kemp and the team at Gateway Health help people throughout the UK achieve their weight loss goals. For more information visit http://www.gatewayhealth.co.uk

Gastric Band Support
Webmaster Tony says "
'Gastric Band and Procedure Support – Free Advice with Buddy Power “Every Person Matters”

They Say “Jane Wilkinson –Tancock and Judith Jobling are Specialist Bariatric Nurses and Gastric Band Adjustors, who are passionate in their belief, that everyone who is either thinking of having, or who has made the investment to have a weight loss procedure should be given the right type of professional support. True support should be available for all and constant, not just for when the person is linked into paying for a procedure.

We know it takes courage to sometimes ask for help, but whether you have had an Orbera Balloon or a Gastric Band or Gastric Bypass, or other type of weight loss procedure, we want you to know that we are here for you. We are both personally familiar with surgery, and will always do our best to give honest, free unbiased, professional advice. E mail at info@gastricbandsupport.co.uk or call mobile 07947 606275 –We will reply within 24 hours and the service is free'
Good Diet Good Health.com
GoodDietJackie says "Information and support resources for people who suffer from difficulty in losing weight and other health problems such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), which can be related to carbohydrate intolerance, food sensitivities, intestinal yeast overgrowth, hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) and/or  depressed metabolic rate.  These are all aspects of the relationship between diet and health which mainstream medicine currently struggles to understand, but for which help is available if you know where to look."
Halloween treats! Thirty Six by Nigel Mendham, Bluebird, The Northall & more
Webmaster Tony says "

The definitive guide to eating in London.  Special offers, reviews and so much more!

HEART UK -The Cholesterol Charity
Webmaster Tony says "

HEART UK -The Cholesterol Charity -  is passionate about preventing premature deaths caused by high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.
The charity aims to help families with a high risk of premature cardiovascular disease (CVD), especially those with inherited high cholesterol. More than three quarters of people with inherited high cholesterol are not diagnosed and therefore remain untreated.
HEART UK seeks to break the vicious cycle of unnecessary heart attacks and death in young people from families with an inherited high risk, and to ensure that people can live healthy, active lives rather than become disabled by illness. The charity provides nursing and dietetic support through a dedicated helpline.

HEART UK strives to encourage innovative approaches to prevention by sharing scientific and medical information, knowledge and expertise through national and international networks. The charity offers a platform for exchanging information about healthy living and state-of-the-art treatment of high-risk patients, and is committed to ensuring that all individuals affected by these conditions are able to receive the medical treatment they need.

HEART UK has recently launched a redlaces campaign to ‘keep young hearts running’. Redlaces raise awareness of the dangers of FH and raise funds to support the work of HEART UK.
With half a million pairs out on bikes, playing fields, tennis courts and skating rinks we can all raise awareness about the risks of inherited high cholesterol and make people question their family’s heart history.


Heavenly Bodies Day Spa, Oxford
TC says "I find it easier to diet when I'm treating myself - this has become my favourite place.  There is a massage therapist called Martin who is just amazing, and the facials are fab too - even a quick file & paint makes me feel better... I know it's location specific - but if you're anywhere near Oxford - give it a go!"
Hoodia Mist, Hoodia Tablet, Pure Hoodia Powder, Hoodia Gordonii 1000mg
They say "

Optimum Hoodia is the newest and most exciting Hoodia product on the market today. Optimum Hoodia provides Hoodia Gordonii, hoodia diet pills, hoodia capsules, tablets, powder, hoodia herbal diet supplement to suppress appetite.

How To Lose Weight For Women
adstone says "How to lose weight for women.  Fitness, weight loss, health and nutrition information for women at thefitnessherald.com"
lynnnick says "All health issues are based around the mental, the physical and the emotional. This web site has information on nutrition, diets, video messages and a daily message for motivation. It is a personal web site which feels like it is speaking just to you. A nutrition site designed for real people, living real lives."
Just As Beautiful
Webmaster Tony says "

Just As Beautiful Magazine is “the UK’s first free lifestyle magazine dedicated to the plus-size woman”. It is also the number one magazine in Britain and Europe catering to the plus-size market.

www.justasbeautiful.co.uk - the groundbreaking British magazine that the whole world is talking about.

latest Gift hampers for all ocasions
Webmaster Tony says "



Marks and Spencer's new and exclusive gift selection offers the perfect present for food and wine lovers

LEARN programme - recommended by Dr Fairburn
They say "This link will take you to a quiz that might help you decide if you are a binge eater. If you are I heartily recommend a book called 'Overcoming Binge Eating' - Dr Christopher Fairburn"
JonW says "

Combining the best that science and nature have to offer, Lifestyles helps you improve and maintain your overall health and well being through a proven line of quality nutritional supplements and body care products.

Designed to help you fight body pollution -the cause of aging and numerous diseases -each product is tested and manufactured with the goal of increasing your vitality. Whether you are looking to optimize your health, lose weight, or conquer the signs of aging, the Lifestyles product line has something for you. With years of manufacturing excellence and millions of satisfied customers, you can be confident in knowing you are providing the best for your body.

Malibu Alcohol Rehab
Webmaster Tony says "

 Cliffside Malibu exclusive drug rehab center in Los Angeles, California provides alcohol rehab and drug rehab in a private luxurious setting. Start your addiction treatment today. Our drug rehabilitation center professionals are waiting to help.


Minset Hypnotherapy
Ann1e says "This is the website of Anne Thomson, who features on Anne's video report about hypnotherapy, and who does regular webchats on Fat Happens!"
Nutritionist Resource
admin says "A huge nutrition support network, enabling those in need to find a nutritionist close to them and appropriate for their needs. This is a free, confidential service that will provide those seeking support with all the information they need."
Overeaters Anonymous
moirajane says "Overeaters Anonymous is a practical programme for recovering from compulsive overeating. Based on AA principles. Support groups meet regularly throughout UK- links on site. Also online support. A community of people who really understand."
People's Choice - Car Insurance
They say "We are able to arrange insurance for most cars and drivers. However, we regret that we are unable to offer cover to residents of Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands."
Physicians Health Blog: Be Healthy
Webmaster Tony says "For parents Physicians Health Blog provides articles on maternity insurance, children disabilities, and pediatric clinics. For elderly we have home care for elderly resources."
Debi says "A great website that specialises in calf width boots and wider shoes for women with wider feet, ankles and calfs. Choose from six calf widths in the PlusinBoots range."
Robin The Wine Man
Jolly Green says "

My family has used Robin to buy wine from for decades. He's either driving around France buying wine or he's back here in England selling it from his car. Very good wines at very good prices from a very knowledgable man.


Schwartz Spices and Health
Webmaster Tony says "Schwartz-_ Logo_50.gifSchwartz reveals 10 herbs and spices which naturally contain antioxidants and can be easily incorporated into everyday cooking. Visit this site for delicious and healthy recipe ideas featuring these herbs and spices.  "
castroggi says "Shopping Planner - use our meal planner to generate a shopping list for your favourite recipes in seconds!"
Bob Toovey says "News, fashion, health and more from Europes leading size and self acceptance website
Sky Real Lives
Webmaster Tony says "sky_real_lives_logo.gifSky Real Lives channel 243 is a channel dedicated to you!
Sky Real Lives shows more real life content than any other TV channel; stories about triumph over adversity, living with a medical condition, addiction, weight issues, relationship, baby and plastic surgery stories. Sky Real Lives' stories are extraordinary and are told from a British perspective.
We focus on real life human interest stories, appealing to a female audience, and we are the only TV channel in the UK to transmit ordinary people’s extraordinary stories, 24 hours a day.
Find us on Sky Real Lives channel 243 / Sky Real Lives+1 channel 244 / Sky Real Lives 2 channel 245 and Sky Real Lives HD channel 278 - we can't wait for you to join us!"
ripepear says "

Very supportive community of slimmers set up by Karen who successfully lost eight stone by changing the way she thought about dieting - aiming to find ways of losing weight that banished the yo-yoing cycle that plagues many of us.  We keep journals reflecting on our progress and respond in detail to each other each day - you can also keep a food and exercise diary or join our pound a week club.  Come and join us - it's the best slimming support group on the web!!!

Smart Lipo at Nottingham Laser Clinic
KATPolk54 says "This is a very informative site, with a lot of information on the treatment that I underwent a couple of months ago. Dr Maini isn't the sort to push you into more extreme treatments - the smart lipo I received was just the icing on the cake of all the hard work I did with diet and exercise. I would definitely recommend smart lipo at Nottingham Laser Clinic!"
Stress - anxieties - solutions
Tinav says "Fat happens and so does stress - we need help for both these life challenges and I feel this website can offer kind and helpful real life experiences and information on how to cope with a stressed out life."
TDG The Dietetics Group
They say "

These guys offer a guaranteed weight loss service. They provide full time live in lifestyle support that cook and serrve meals designed around you by a registered dietician.

They guarantee 0.5-1.0kg weight loss per week

The Dream Diet
JonW says "The Lifestyles dream DIET System is a revolutionary approach to achieving and keeping your desired weight. The system is a combination of scientifically formulated food supplements with a flexible, delicious and culturally specific nutritious meal plan designed to incorporate the food you love to eat! You simply follow the specially developed 7-Day Menu Plan which shows you when to take your supplements, outlines exactly what foods to eat for the most effective calorie burning possible and offers the best low-calorie snack options."
uk gastric band forum
juliet says "website for people who have had or planning to have gsatric band surgery. Tips and advice on where to go etc.."
Wolfie B says "A partner site to Health Plus, but featuring 100% vegan products that are all registered with the Vegan Society. Features Konjac Fibre and Phase 2 for weight control, as well as 38 other products to help all you vegans keep fit and healthy as well as ethical. Highly recommended."
says "Specialis bariatrics vitamins. 100% pure, taken by many wls patients in the UK - major selling brand in the USA and Australia"
Watch That Fat Forum
Mel says "

A free support website for all people trying to lose weight. All diets supported including Xenical. Founded by person who knows what it is to be overweight and in need of support. Fully moderated. Everyone welcome !

Weight Loss Direct
chunkyp says "I've struggled with my weight for many years and finally decided to try a slimming aid. I went for the Chocolate Banana Sida from the weight loss direct website. They were very helpful and gave me what i think was good advise. They also sent free diet info with the pills. I was very scepticle but I've lost 7lbs in the last month so they actually seem to actually work. "
Weight Lost Fat Gone
ruthie76 says "A site for anyone who wants to lose weight, get fit and become healthy. Full of advise, tips and information about diet, exercise and how to get the most from your life."
Weight to Go!
Lucie1989 says "Hi Guys- you really should check out Weight to Go! they've been amazing for my weight loss so far. I've shed two stone and I'm feeling amazing. Their meal replacement diets are so hassle free and I've yet to meet anyone who isn't impressed! Seriously check them out.
Weightloss Surgery Information
They say "This is a large non commercial site with many members having a variety of weightloss operations. It is a great starting point for information and also provides support for those chosing to have surgery."
Wellness World
Webmaster Tony says "Wellness World has developed a unique and healthy weight loss system. This is based on scientific analysis, sound medical and nutritional principles to design a programme specifically for each individual. Through analysis and motivational support Wellness World works with you to help you succeed and develop maintenance for life.
Juney says "Description: J*une Brereton* has written a new book on weight loss, and would like to hear from you on her new site. Visit her, on Dying to Diet ™  and post your dieting story.
Xenical Orlistat - a safe way to tackle obesity
tenniscrumpet says "If you are looking to lose weight there is no weight loss treatment more effective than Xenical. We have tested several online pharmacies and can recommend several reliable online clinics where you can purchase Xenical. All the online pharmacies on this site offer a free Xenical consultation with a registered doctor to determine your suitability to take this weight loss drug."
IBS forum Streamline
IBS group
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