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This is my story
I am a 28 almost 29 yr old girl from Cork, Ireland.I guess I have always been on the large side but I can only trace things back to getting my tonsils out at the age of 6. Up to that age I had not been able to eat and suffered terribly with pain until finally I was sceheduled for tonsil removal surgery. I guess the weight streemed out of control from then. I remember shopping for a confirmation dress and could not find anything to fit me.

Mum had to get a dress maker to make me an outfit (which ended up baggy and hideous). During my teens, I have very few boyfriends as I was always the fat girl watching the guy i fancied dance with the beautiful girls at the discos... I was always looking through the jewellary stands in the likes of River Island or Next as nothing in these sotres will fit me...

Then I fell in love with a really nice guy and after three months of going out with him, he told me that things would not work out long term as physically I did nothing for him and that he felt that my talent (I am a professional msucian and singer) was what attracted him to me but that wasnt enough! Damn right it wasnt enough said i and heart broken I have moved on.

Last August I met a really nice guy and we had a fantastic relationship for eight months, then out of no where he dumped me. Decided that the Spark had gone. My heart is now broken and I am finding myself lower and lower into the depths of disappointment in my own self and questioning every aspect of me that was confident. I sat on the edge of my bed last night and I cried my eyes out. Then I just sat up and saw myself in the mirror... this was not the girl that dreamed of an idealistic life, I was not the girl that wanted nothing but the highest standard for herself as a chil... life has thought me to settle for less that what I feel is good enough for me. My self confidence has plumeted to the deep dark abyss of the mind.

I have decided to do something about it. My friend Lisa said something to me today. She said Picture a switch on your forehead. Its always at No. As long as it stays at No, within no time you will be at your ideal weight and happy and confident feeling fantastic.... all that is stopping you from happiness is this switch, Keep it at NO> When you stop at a garage and want something to eat, switch is on no. NO NO NO NO NO. Absolutely not! I dont need it. And lo and behold tonight in WW after a few days of deiting and NO switch I am down 9LBS!! I am overwhelmed! Its been a hard few days but ill get there.

I will not allow myself get any heavier and I would like to keep documenting my progress here as for the first time in my life i am completley motivated and WILL suceed in loosing this weight and being confident in my appearance. If anyone wants to contact me please do so at any stage... I look forward to hearing from you.

I will win over the heart of my dream guy and I will reach my weight of 14st in the next two years.,. i hope you will journey this with me..xxxx Carrie
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