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This is my story
Almost 2 years ago I turned 40 and weighing something over 90kgs. It was depressing. I'd always been one of those slim, active people with a hearty appetite but my 30's had become a long, dull story of gradual weight-gain, interspersed with diet attempts (some successful, some plain daft). Having a baby at 35 really put the cat among the pigeons and I had found it totally impossible to lose the weight. The doctor just said 'eat less and exercise more'... lots of use!

January 2005 therefore, I was at my lowest. Never mind vanity my health was suffering. I got out of breath doing very ordinary things, I had asthma, my joints ached and I knew I spent all night snoring. I felt 10 years older. Something had to change - permanently but I had no idea where to start.

That's the point when I discovered the idea of 'Low GI' - healthy, filling, 'normal' food that wouldn't pile on the pounds. Over the course of the next year I gradually changed my approach to eating and exercise. Out went nearly all the alcohol, in came the water. Out went the greasy takeaways and in came the fruit and vegetables. With the money I saved on the shopping I bought an exercise bike cheap on E-Bay and pedalled in front of the TV every night. Slowly and steadily not just mine but my whole family's lifestyle got healthier and I felt fitter. In 10 months I lost 20kgs and got my life back in the process. No fads, no 'quick-fix', no supplements, no gym membership, no expensive foods.... and still plenty of room for a bit of 'real life' besides. A year on and I haven't slipped back into old habits.... yet!
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11-10-2006 9:16 am
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147.71 lbs (67.00 kg)
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156.53 lbs (71.00 kg)
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157.63 lbs (71.50 kg)
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  • Gardening / DIY
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