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Birthday: 02-11-1950
This is my story
Plump teenager, always coasting a size 12-14. Married happily with four lovely children all by the age of 28. Never really got rid of the pregnancy weight gains and kept a bit extra every time, especially after the twins, who are now 18!

Long history of ill health, asthmas problems needed long term steroid treatment, my weight then soared to a frightening 18stone+.
In 2002 I started a new asthma drug and improved dramatically, during 2002 I lost 4st and was very chuffed. Trouble is I got bored and gradually, over the last 3 years 2 stone crept back.

My family love and reassure me that it doies not matter. BUT IT DOES! I know I would look better, feel better and live longer if I lost weight, but I am sick of trying on my own. I am not a slimming club joiner, it's just not my thing. This website sounds much more helpful and the thought that I can make contact anytime is really great. I mam going on my first ever cruise in October and I really want to shift two stone before. We are goin with friends and the thought of appearing in front of them in my swimsuit is really worrying me. So here goes.
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09-07-2006 9:19 am
Total forum posts: 6
Ideal weight:
145.00 lbs (65.77 kg)
Current weight:
209.00 lbs (94.80 kg)
Starting weight:
228.97 lbs (103.86 kg)
I spend my free time:
  • Reading / Writing
  • Walking / Meandering
  • Cooking / Baking
  • TV / Cinema
  • The Internet / Gadgets
  • Restaurants / Tea shops
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