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Yo yo dieted for years and now having a lap band fitted as a final resort.
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This is my story
I have yo-you dieted for years (at least since being 16 years old and I'm now 44). The latest diet attempted for the goodness knows how many times was slimming world which normally worked but this time failed miserably. The thing that made me want to loose weight this time was not only being self conscious of the waddle and the breathlessness but also just this April 2006 managing to nurse my husband back to health after suffering pulmonary odema more than likely caused by his heart attack at the age of 45 (15 years previously) and the rich life style he has had since.

It was a terrifying time of life made even worse by living in a foreign country and having to deal with the medical side while using a translator (who actually broke my confidence and trust by informing a friend in the UK of what was happening at the time).

My grandmothers, parents and sisters all have weight issues although they either manage to cope with them mentally or do succeed it loosing the pounds. I have gone from near anorexic to morbidly obese and it now terrifies me that I will start suffering with diabetes and the other health issues. I already have high blood pressure and pain in the some of my joints.

Like Anne D I have now opted for having gastric band doing. It has taken many a months investigation on the internet (at least the last 18 months) to get to the decision I have made and also a hard slog to find a surgeon qualified here in Belgrade who I could make an appointment with. I have decided to have it done here as I am due to live here for at least the next 2 years so it makes sense to be able to get the necessary back up that the surgeon will provide.

I cannnot say that I am going into this with no reservations as just having a general anaesthetic is dangerous to the obese but I can say that I can't wait to have it done as I now feel to be in the right stage of life mentally to cope.

I am hoping that by learning better portion control and even more about nutrition than I already know (I find that serious dieters do know a hell of a lot about nutrition) that my husband will also loose weight which will hopefully mean that he will also live longer and healthier.
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