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Sue Wilson
Hypnotherapist with particular interest in weight control
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This is my story
I spent the time of my marriage at 24 to my early 40's yo yo dieting and feeling guilty about food. It wasn't until my daughter began to have weight problems that I decided to help both of us.

I was already trained as a hypnotherapist and was finding more and more that the people coming to me for anxiety and depression were also having weight problems, so I set out to find a way to deal not only with the habit of overeating but also the drive behind it....after all, its not called comfort eating for nothing!

Last year I launched my Relaxed Eating Programme and I use this, alongside Pure HypnoAnalyis to deal with BOTH habit and emotional drive...with fabulous results - I've lost a stone on the programme (without dieting at all) and my daughter is now 'growing into' her weight.

I know that diets don't work...so I stopped dieting, started listening to my body and sorted out my emotional problems. Now my weight is no longer a problem and better still all the guilt I used to feel about food has just vanished.
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