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This is my story
I have struggled with my weight since my daughter was born and I have tried every diet and every diet pill out there and failed!

I have decided to start my weight loss journey by having a lap band surgery no date as yet as just booked my consultation with Shaw Somers for 27th May 2008.

I am a bubbly person who likes to be center of attention ( I am soo honest lol) and I have noticed that I shy away from certain situations and where as before I would be the first on the dance floor now I like to hide, also my wardrobe has now been taken over by black clothes and I am far to bubbly for this colour!

I also suffer with PCOS which is affecting my fertility and I am desperate for baby no2 and I know that my weight isnt helping and to be honest I wouldnt want to fall pregnant at my current weight as I feel that this could cause more health issues.

xx Sue :) xx
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09-04-2008 11:01 am
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Ideal weight:
180.78 lbs (82.00 kg)
Current weight:
244.71 lbs (111.00 kg)
Starting weight:
335.10 lbs (152.00 kg)
I spend my free time:
  • Reading / Writing
  • Cooking / Baking
  • TV / Cinema
  • The Internet / Gadgets
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