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Amanda Jane
IBS sufferer
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This is my story
I have suffered to from IBS since my teens, but seem to have it under control these days. In teh course of learning what works and what doesn't work I built up loads of information on IBS, it's causes, and how to treat the symptoms. Now that I have control I felt it woudl be good to share my experience and knowledge with other sufferes, so recently set up a website www.ibshealthcare.co.uk. We have found some good products that have real evidence they will help, and continue to look out for new things, as well as collecting real stories about how people cope with the condition.
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05-02-2009 9:33 am
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Ideal weight:
160.98 lbs (73.02 kg)
Starting weight:
167.99 lbs (76.20 kg)
I spend my free time:
  • Restaurants / Tea shops
  • Health / Wellbeing
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