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Hi my name is Debbie...I have been an IBS sufferer now for the last 10 years. It effects me in various ways with multiple symptoms. I have tried lots of different treatments including Colofac, Mintec, changing my diet and exercise. I'm currently taking mebeverine to help with the spasms in my stomach. If I don't take this tablet I am unable to keep food down. As well as sporadic bowel movements I am constantly bloated and sore. I get lower back ache, pressure on my water works, headaches, trapped wind in my Gut, acid/heartburn but, the worst part is the Anxiety feelings that I get with it. It is very difficult to explain the awful sensation that I get when it flares..it is so bad that I can't eat, sleep or function properly and it usually lands me in bed for the day. I am at my wits end with it at the moment as there is no cure...just to talk to somebody familiar with my problem would be such a relief. Is there anybody out there who suffers as I do?
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