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The weight and tears have got to go............I wont my life back
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This is my story
Ive struggled with my weight since the birth of my first child 20 years ago. Also since this time I have suffered with depression, therefore motivation is really hard work with me. So I would loose weight and then put it back on but even more.

I feel I have lost my life the last 20 years as I have permanetly been yoyo dieting, hating my weight wanting to be normal again.

Ive got to the point now where things have to change as my weight is effecting our quality of life. We dont go out anymore because when I have to get ready I end up in tears and in bed. I wont go out and buy myself clothes because I hate that I cant have what I want and when forced to go shopping I end up coming home fed up with myself and end up in bed in tears again.

Gastric band seams to be the best option for me as it will stop my yoyo weight loss and hopefully give me my life back the cofident happy go person I used to be before I hid behind my weight coping with it by trying to convince myself I didnt care anyway.

Ive been shopping round looking at prices and the difference from UK being £8000 to going to Belgium for £5000. Thats a big difference when you havent got the money to start with and having to get a personal loan.

I am affraid going abroad especially after Annes experience but I suppose beggers cant be choosers and in order to change my life not only for myself but for my husband and children its a chance I will have to take unfortunately.
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