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I used to be thin and I can be again!
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This is my story
Always a very thin person I started to put on weight very slowly since aged around 45, I have gone up a dress size and want to return to a 12-14, this weight was ideal for me. I go to Toning classes twice a week and want to exercise more without having to join a gym, I know it is important to do this, I need some motivation to get into a good routine.
As I entertain at home quite a lot, dinner parties etc and am out to eat often as well, I am constantly tempted by naughty foods. I am a bit of a 'foodie' and love good food with a passion.I don't drink much, just a glass of wine or two with meals, but not every day.
I do try to do the odd bit of exercise at home when I get a chance, a mix of Palates, Yoga and Aerobics, things I have done in the recent past! It's easy to say but hard to find the right time & place for this & motivation needed!
Please buddies tell me off for not trying harder, I am really hating myself!
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139.99 lbs (63.50 kg)
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169.01 lbs (76.66 kg)
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175.00 lbs (79.38 kg)
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